Monday, June 30, 2014


One other prep item I mentioned I would post about is food.  I've been making and experimenting with some of my old backpacking one-pot recipes at home to prepare for the trip.  It's been >20 years since I've made some of these things (I used to lead backpacking trips then, but somehow haven't been doing that much since).

It was a bit funny to be cooking with only one pot at home, but I was glad I did as some of the dishes needed an iteration or two (and it's easier to remedy problems when you have more ingredients lying around).

Moroccan cous cous with garbanzo beans.

Lentil stew with okra (add pre-cooked rice in on top to heat everything up and then dump out and it's ready to eat... won't win any awards for how it looks, but it's filling).  The pre-cooked rice makes this technically not one pot.  I could obviously cook both together and sometimes do, but there are times it's nice to have the two separate.

Marinara sauce with capellini, mozzarella, and kale.  This isn't quite one pot, but making the marinara sauce doesn't take that long (~20 min) and the capellini cooks in 5 min, so it's acceptable to make one after another in the same pot.

I also make fried rice in one pot, but I make that all the time, so I didn't have to remember how to make that this week. :)

Posting this reminded me that I hadn't packed the olive oil and soy sauce (used small nalgene bottles), so just packed them along with some spices.

Also packed some small containers so I can buy bulk food to avoid using single use plastic.  Looking forward to cooking on the road!

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