Friday, January 9, 2015

Introduction / Navigating this blog

Thank you for checking out the blog of my biking-surfing-meditation-tai chi-dancing-'ukulele journey down the Pacific Coast of the US.

The general plan:
- Bicycle from lower Washington State to Santa Cruz
- Surfing when access and swell permit; meditating throughout
- 'Ukulele as musical accompaniment; camping and cooking
- Taking my time and enjoying the journey

(note - for the photos, click on them for a larger view)

This blog is arranged in reverse chronological order.  Scrolling down will start at the end (with post-trip thougths and wrap-up) then follow the trip backwards.

If you are interested to start at the beginning, then start here with the entry on gear (link).  At the bottom of each page there are links to the next 'Older Post' or 'Newer Post.'  The blog archive on the right hand pane allows you to navigate directly to any entry.

For highlight photos without text, they are here (link) - though the photos without text omit the people I met on the trip and they were the most interesting part of the journey to me.  For example, in this post (link).

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