Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ashland, OR

Ashland, OR is an awesome place.  I'm still on the way up to the starting point, but I liked Ashland so much I wanted to write about it.

It was so neat getting directions to the Buddhist center from Marilyn and getting to meditate there and hear a lecture.  There is a nice vibe to Ashland and lots of folks seem to be focused on environmental and spiritual issues.  And it's in a beautiful part of Oregon.

After going to the Buddhist center, I spent the evening at a neat spot in town when there were two musicians playing flamenco on guitar and mandolin.  We were taking later (I forgot their names though, will see if I can find) and they were very cool - they were older, dressed in flannel and jeans, and I really liked how they made classical music seem appropriate for a place that was frequented by a young crowd.  Their session was followed by a fun open mic night.  While there I met Casey, the wellness buyer for the Ashland Food Coop, who was super nice and is trying to get me connected to some of her surfing friends on the Oregon coast.  It was a great evening and I realized just after heading out that I forgot to take pictures.  I was kicking myself a bit, but then realized it is just because I'm not quite used to the blog thing and taking pictures frequently.  I was glad I remembered to take some pictures of the scenery and the Buddhist center earlier in the day though.

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