Tuesday, July 1, 2014

People: Marilyn Stewart

Marilyn has a beautiful Buddha statue in front of her house in Ashland, OR. 

I had trouble finding online listings of group meditations in Ashland, but when I was cycling around town I noticed the statue in front of Marilyn's house and she happened to be outside.  She directed me to a Tibetan Buddhist center right nearby where I was able to do a short meditation session and hear a bit of a very interesting lecture.

The next day, Marilyn and her dog, Sammy, were on the same rideshare van up to Portland!  It was such a neat surprise and great to get to talk to her on the ride up (she's really nice).  She's a real estate broker in Ashland (MarilynStewartReakEstate.com) and has been living in Ashland for many years. So cool to see her twice in the short time I was in Ashland!

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