Monday, July 21, 2014

Dunes City to Winchester Bay. People: Mike.

I spent a day doing errands such as filling up the fuel bottle for my stove (used charcoal lighter fluid and have the unused portion to a lesson outside the grocery store where I was filling the bottle), getting groceries, etc.  I also shaved my head using a normal electric shaver (designed for shaving beards) as all the barber shops happened to be closed on that Monday.  I wouldn't recommend using a normal shaver (not as much power as ones designed for hair) but it's all I had available.

The dunes of Oregon are pretty impressive.  It's surprising how extensive the dunes are and it's pretty cool to see the and whipping across the dunes.  

Those are elk in the animal photo.  I couldn't get any closer - they were already on alert seeing me.  I think people in bright clothing make them concerned, given hunters often wear orange. :)

Stayed at Honeyman Memorial State Park which is a nice park, but it felt crowded at the hiker biker camp - I think there were about 15 bicyclists camping there that night.  It's neat that everyone is friendly at the camps and there are often folks doing funny things (like Shane who moved out of his trailer and is bicycling with his cat for a year and a half or something).  But it also is a bit weird to talk to all these folks at the campsites for an evening/morning and then never see them again (particularly since they are almost all cycling more miles than I am each day, I generally don't see folks again).  Though overall it's pretty great that all the bicyclists are friendly and social at the hiker biker sites.


Mike (pictured with his bike and surfboard) - Mike is bicycling and surfing down the coast as well.  He has done the full setup with a board and trailer that I was considering.  It is pretty impressive that he is doing the ride with all that gear (and he's putting in pretty heavy mileage each day as well).  He's a sponsored surfer from Huntington Beach and started at the top of WA, so he is really going for it.

After talking with Mike about our respective setups, I'm feeling glad I went with the surfmat.  The bike is much more nimble without a trailer and so far I've been getting in the water much more often - I think I've been a bit luckier with timing but also the surfmat is pretty versatile in a variety of wave conditions.  I'm sure it's going to work out well for Mike as well where he'll score a perfect session and be really glad to have his board. It was cool to meet another person on the same mission.



  1. Hey Peter! I just posted a comment and it disappeared, so if this shows up twice, please forgive the double commenting.

    Love your posts! It's really great to see what you're up to and the cool and interesting people you're meeting. Looks like you're having a blast and exploring some awesome places. We miss you! Look forward to surfing/surf matting/free diving with you when you're back! Stay safe and serene! Hugs, Delphine

  2. Thanks, Delphine! That'll be great to hit the water after the trip! I'm also really looking forward to the Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival!! :)