Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Umpqa Lighthouse to Sunset Bay

A quiet day on the trip. 

As usual, I started the day with Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, then set out on my bicycle.  It was cold and foggy cycling all day.  In the morning, I saw what looked like it might be surf quite far off the road, and given the cold morning fog (and my aversion to cycling with a heavy, wet wetsuit all day), decided to wait until later in the day to check out if there would be surf. There was not but I didn't mind so much as it was still cold even after cycling.  I then reached Sunset Bay, which is gorgeous - the street goes right by the water (making it less 'natural' looking), but is still stunning. 

I arrived at the hiker biker site and there was standing water in part of the site ( the site is right at the level of the water table with a swamp immediately adjacent).  There were already three tents there and the remaining spot wasn't looking particularly dry (and seemed to have low probability for sun the next morning as well), so I upgraded to a normal campsite which looked much drier. 

It was quite striking to see how much empty space there was in the normal campsite - it is a pretty big difference between a bicycle and a car. It made me think about how I definitely still have too many possessions in my life (given that I live in a house and have a car).  My friends often make jokes about how empty my house is as I don't like to have too many things, but this trip is giving me ideas on how to reduce things even further.

Given I was in a campsite myself, I had a pretty quiet night - it was nice to have a mellow, quiet evening.  By the time I finished cooking and eating, it was already time for bed (and the mist was getting heavy as well).  The next morning was dry, thankfully - and the campsite indeed did get the morning sun so I was glad to get to dry out my gear before heading out for the next day.

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